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Investment Options

The Bulgarian residency-by-investment programme offers three investment options.

Option 1

Government Bonds

  • Deposit EUR 511,292 in a Governmental Bond Portfolio for an investment period of 5 years.

(Full investment amount will then be returned without any accrued interest). 

Option 2

Financed Investment

  • You can leverage your capital by paying a reduced amount that will be used to finance a EUR 511,292 closed 5.5-year loan from a chartered bank. The loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost to the investor.

(It is required by the chartered bank that you demonstrate net worldwide assets of EUR 1 million). 

Option 3


  • Invest EUR 512,000 in Government bonds on top of the initial investment (EUR 511,292).

(Holding the 2 investments for a period of 2 years after being granted Bulgarian citizenship is mandatory).