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Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment

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Make more than a visit to Vanuatu

Vanuatu represents most people’s idea of paradise. This largely undiscovered tropical chain of islands in the south Pacific is peaceful, vibrant and culturally diverse. As well as offering deserted beaches, rugged landscapes and ancient culture. Vanuatu also offers up a warm welcome to international travellers to its shores.

Vanuatu is also known for its stability and security, as well as a passport offering incredible global freedom for investors wishing to spread their wings.

About Vanuatu

Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is an archipelago nation, spread across 82 islands in the south Pacific Ocean. The country’s capital and largest city is Port Villa and its official languages are Bislama, French and English – though over 100 languages are estimated to be spoken locally. The local currency is the Vanuatu Valu (VAV)

Vanuatu enjoys strong relationships with many powerful nations around the world, with close cultural and economic ties to Australia, New Zealand and much of the European Union. The country is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.


Vanuatu Citizenship Benefits

There are many advantages of having Vanuatu citizenship, including fast access to second citizenship, visa-free travel to over 120 countries, and zero corporation tax. Plus, the citizenship can include up to four direct family members.

Fast access to second citizenship: The Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship Programme is incredibly fast. You could have your new passport in-hand within 45-60 days.

Hassle-free travel: Vanuatu passport holders can enjoy the benefit of visa-free travel to over 120 countries, including the UK and all of Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia.

Business benefits: Vanuatu is tax-free, apart from VAT and customs tax. That means zero corporation tax for both domestic and international companies, and exemption from capital gains.

A safe and secure future for your family: Your Vanuatu citizenship extends to up to four direct family members. This means spouse, children under 18, dependent children under 25, and dependent parents over the age of 65.

Vanuatu citizenship cost & how to apply

The Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment application process is both quick and simple. Vanuatu citizenship costs are also very affordable, with investors required to make a EUR140,000 donation into the Development Support Program (plus nominal fees) for a single applicant, or EUR190,000 for up to four direct family members.