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Portugal Residency-by-Investment

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Pack your bags for Portugal

Otherwise known as the ‘golden visa’, has been popular to the world ever since launching in 2012. Over since launching in 2012.
Aside from the attraction of the country itself – Portugal boasts golden beaches, a welcoming climate and economic and political stability – the golden visa programme also offers a number of business and personal benefits.
If you’re looking for hassle-free travel throughout Europe, EU residency and an attractive tax regime, then look no further than Portuguese residency-by-investment.

About Portugal

Officially known as the Portuguese Republic, Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The mainland which makes up the vast majority of the country is home to a population of around 10 million and the local currency is the Euro.

Situated between the well-established and emerging markets of Europe, Africa and America, Portugal is a vital business hub for global trade and travel. The country is served by several international airports connecting it with much of the rest of the world.

Portugal is well respected as a politically and economically stable country and often ranks highly for quality of life and cost of living. Portugal is a member of the EU, Eurozone and European Monetary System.


Why Portugal?

On top of the array of benefits offered by Portuguese residency-by-investment, another huge advantage is the ability to convert your residency to citizenship later down the line, which allows you to live and work anywhere in the EU.

FAST, EUROPEAN FREEDOM: Obtain your European residency in only two to three months with Portugal’s fast track process – with a minimal residency requirement of just seven days per year. After six years, it is possible to apply for full Portuguese citizenship.

EASY GLOBAL TRAVEL: As a Portuguese resident, you can travel freely throughout the entire Schengen Area without a visa or lengthy custom checks. It is also possible to live in any of these countries for three months in every six-month period.

BUSINESS BENEFITS: Establish your business in Portugal and you could benefit from an incredibly appealing tax regime – with tax obligations only applying to those who are residing in Portugal for six months or more.

SAFETY AND SECURITY FOR YOUR FAMILY: Your Portuguese residency permit extends to your spouse and any dependent children, allowing them to study or work in Portugal with you.


How to apply

There are several options for those wishing to obtain Portuguese residency:

  • A real estate investment in an area of urban regeneration of at least EUR 350,000 (plus fees) – with a 100% guaranteed return on investment.
  • A real estate investment outside of an area of urban regeneration of at least EUR 500,000 – with a 100% guaranteed return on investment.
  • A transfer of EUR 1 million into a Portuguese bank account.
  • A EUR 250,000 investment into activities related to maintaining Portuguese cultural heritage.
  • A EUR 250,000 investment into artistic or cultural activities.
  • A EUR 350,000 investment into scientific or technological research.
  • A EUR 500,000 investment into funds for the capitalisation of small and medium Portuguese businesses.

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