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How can I get a Residence Visa in the UAE?

It is possible to become a resident of the UAE if you set up a company in the country. For more information, please book a free consultation with our sister company Virtuzone here.

How do I know which programme is best for me?

Next Generation Equity offers a range of citizenship and residency programmes. The choice of programme should be based on each individual’s unique situation. Should you wish to make an enquiry our team is available for a free consultation to discuss all relevant aspects and enable you to make the most informed decision.

What is the difference between a residency and a citizenship programme?

According to the prescribed law, some countries offer citizenship-by-investment, whereas others offer residency-by-investment. Citizenship programmes guarantee full lifetime citizenship in the country of choice and the second passport is granted immediately following a successful application.

Citizenship programmes offered by Next Generation Equity:

Residency programmes offer immediate residency following a successful application and full citizenship can usually be applied for after a period of time. A second passport will only be given following citizenship approval.

Residency programmes offered by Next Generation Equity:

Do I need to emigrate or make regular visits to the country I am applying for?

For the majority of programmes there are no physical residency requirements and applicants can complete the process from outside their chosen country. Please refer to our downloadable brochures or contact us for a free consultation to discuss the requirements for each individual programme.

Do I gain a full refund if I am not approved?

For the majority of programmes the government donation or real estate investment is not made until after approval is granted, or the investment is held in a government escrow account, which is fully refundable if you are not successful with your application. If due diligence or legal work has already been carried out then this fee is non-refundable. As each programme works differently, we will advise you on the particular process for the chosen programme before you proceed.

Why would I not be successful with my application?

To date we have been 100% successful with our clients. You will only be unsuccessful if you have not been completely honest with your application and/or have a criminal conviction. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your Next Generation Equity consultant before proceeding with your application.

Is dual citizenship-by-investment 100% legal?

Yes. All programmes are governed by respective laws and supported by the government, with the objective of encouraging foreign investment into the country for its subsequent development. The citizenship-by-investment or residency laws, process and requirements can all be found in the country’s Constitution, Law or Article which can be supplied by your Next Generation Equity consultant.

How long does the process take?

Timelines vary depending on the chosen programme and investment option. However, the approximate timescales are between two to twelve months for citizenship and a minimum of two months for some residency programmes, once the full application has been submitted.

Can the country change the rules and revoke my citizenship at any point in the future?

No. Successful applicants will be granted permanent lifetime citizenship, which may not be revoked and is protected from changes in government policy or officials.

Can I apply for family members and does this cost extra?

Yes, with each available option an individual can also apply for their spouse and a number of dependents. Additional family members will incur extra costs. Minimum and maximum age restrictions depend on the chosen programme.

What if I change my mind after I have already started the process? Can I stop the process and gain a refund?

It is possible to gain a refund of your investment if you have not yet completed the process, depending on the programme. With some programmes the payments are made in instalments and often only at which point you have completed a stage in the process. Due diligence fees are not refundable once this process has begun. Your Next Generation Equity consultant will advise you on your rights and refund eligibility before each payment is made.

Can I cancel my citizenship or residency at any stage?

Yes, should you wish to cancel your citizenship or residency you can apply to have this renounced.

Can I renew my new passport after expiry and how often do I need to renew?

Yes, the new passport is renewable and the length of time between renewals depends on the chosen programme.

When can I sell my investment e.g. property/government bond/asset? Who can I sell to? How much can I sell for?

Government Bonds usually mature after five years and most properties can be re-sold to an open market after this time, although this differs between each programme. The full requirements will be discussed with you before making the investment.

Can I rent out my property?

Yes, if you invest in freehold, you can rent out your property for most real estate investment options.