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Investment Requirements

All three investments below are needed as a qualifier for your application to the Maltese citizenship programme.

Requirement 1

Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund

  • Main applicant: EUR 650,000 contribution.
  • Spouse and children: EUR 25,000 contribution.
  • Dependent parents and unmarried children (18–27 years old): EUR 50,000 contribution.

Requirement 2

Qualified Government Bond Investment

  • EUR 150,000 value in debt or equity securities listed on the official list of the Malta Stock Exchange (to be kept for up to 5 years).

Requirement 3

Investment in a qualifying property

  • Minimum investment of EUR 350,000 in property


  • Applicants can also enter into a property rental contract for a minimum of EUR 16,000 p.a. instead.

Both options require a 5-year contract.