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Offering exceptional global mobility, political and economic stability and an attractive tax regime, the Grenada citizenship-by-investment programme is already one of the most sought after on the market. And with investment options starting at just USD 200,000 for a family of four, it’s one of the most affordable too.

Now, enhancements to the programme, announced last week, are set to make it even more desirable.

Grenada citizenship-by-investment

There are many fantastic options for second citizenship. But Grenada – particularly the Grenadian real estate option – is one of the most popular, even amongst stiff competition.

There are ten very good reasons for that. Let’s explore them, and then I’ll tell you how to get started.

The UAE has been one of the most popular destinations for expats and businesspeople for a while – and that reputation is only growing, thanks to several recent government initiatives.

Andrew Staples, Chief Business Reporter for Gulf News, recently wrote a special report on these changes, noting that “wide-ranging policy measures will make [the] economy more competitive while significantly improving social welfare”.

Here we look at the seven most impactful, to prove the case for relocating and doing business from the UAE right now.

There are many reasons to choose investing in a new passport, or second citizenship, but one you might not have considered – but should, if you’ve got children – is the opportunity to secure a better education.

The right education helps your children build their skills, master new languages and make the right connections – so they can forge a more successful future.

The Caribbean is the grandfather of second citizenship. It's where citizenship-by-investment was born, and remains one of the most popular second citizenship destinations today.

But which of the top five Caribbean programmes is best for you?

All five deliver citizenship in exchange for investment. All five grant an impressive second passport that makes international travel simple and fuss-free. All five offer security; a guaranteed home-from-home whenever you want it. And all five boast attractive tax regimes that safeguard your wealth for the future.

The UAE is one of the most popular destinations for expats in the world, and securing permanent residency here is not only attractive but simple as well.

Whether it’s lavish Dubai, cosmopolitan Abu Dhabi, culture-crazy Sharjah or any other of the UAE’s seven emirates that strikes your fancy, building your life in the Emirates is always a great move.

So let’s look at the steps you need to take to secure residency here.

Not all passports are created equal so not all passport-holders are treated equally.

How often can you feel this impact almost every element of your life? From the holidays you take, to how you conduct business, to the prospects your children enjoy.

Let’s look at why some passports are more powerful than others, what that means for you, and how to turn the tables if you do face limiting sanctions.

Money. It might just be the deciding factor when it comes to second citizenship.

So what are the cheapest citizenship-by-investment programmes?

Let’s review the current investment thresholds so you can decide which best fits your needs. The Caribbean always wins when it comes to costs, so we’ll look at the top three programmes from that region first, then throw in the most affordable option in Europe and elsewhere.

Here we go:

There are many great reasons to invest in second citizenship. The exact drivers for investing in a citizenship by investment programme differ greatly from person to person. For some it is all about lifestyle factors. Second citizenship can offer citizens of less economically or politically stable countries an insurance policy against unrest and uncertainty in their home country, for example.

This is particularly prudent right now with global forced displacement at the highest it’s been for decades.

A tropical chain of 83 islands nestled in the south Pacific, Vanuatu is a peaceful, vibrant and culturally diverse nation that’s proud to welcome international travellers to its shores.

But what exactly do the shores of Vanuatu hold? Not just sandy beaches and sparkling blue seas.

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