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April 29, 2021

6 reasons to obtain second citizenship for you and your family

Benefits of second citizenship 2
rihab saad


Rihab Saad

General Manager

Next Generation Equity

Citizenship-by-investment is one of the most significant life-changing options for individuals and families looking to secure a Plan B to fall back on when faced with unexpected challenges and changes in their lives.

Investing in a second passport provides lifetime benefits that enable its investors to secure more opportunities, greater freedom and enjoy a higher standard of living.

What are the essential benefits of second citizenship that investors seek to obtain?

1. Family safety and future security

Citizenship-by-investment offers investors and their families the chance to ensure a safe and secure life by enabling them to easily settle in politically and economically stable countries other than their home country.

An additional advantage is that citizenship is granted for life and can be passed on to the next generation with some programmes. Second citizenship can also be extended to immediate family members, such as the investor’s spouse, children, siblings, parents and grandparents.

2. International visa-free travel

Second passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to more than 110 countries, including the United Kingdom, Schengen states and majority of Asian countries.

Through obtaining a second passport, regular travellers can have a more seamless and convenient travel experience, as they are not required to undergo extensive visa application procedures.

3. Business opportunities

The enhanced global mobility granted by a second passport is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs and corporate executives who seek unrestricted visa-free travel to business hubs all over the world and who aim to expand their business opportunities worldwide.

4. Attractive tax and trade benefits

Second passport holders can access significant tax benefits that allow them to efficiently manage and protect their wealth. These include a 0% tax policy on foreign income, capital gains, estate and inheritance. Additionally, Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programmes offer duty-free trading across its region.

5. Quality healthcare

Another important benefit of citizenship-by-investment is gaining access to quality and reliable healthcare systems, ensuring the well-being of investors and their families, including elderly parents, will be taken care of, especially during unprecedented times.

6. Educational opportunities

Second citizenship enables investors to have the option of sending their children to study at respected, world-renowned schools and universities in Europe and North America. In some countries, investors or their children can even benefit from free education.

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About Next Generation Equity: 

Next Generation Equity is a government-approved facilitator of residency and citizenship-by-investment applications from select countries across the Caribbean and Europe.

Since its establishment in 2014, Next Generation Equity has facilitated investment applications worth over USD 250 million.

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