3 Examples that Underscore the Essential Benefits of Second Citizenship

Benefits of Second Citizenship

Every year, there are 5,000 people globally who obtain citizenship through investment.

From freedom to travel and a more secure future, to significant tax incentives and international business opportunities, many people are investing in second citizenship to enjoy these benefits and resolve the challenges they are facing because of their current passports.

Through the years, our team at Next Generation Equity has guided individuals and families in choosing the right citizenship-by-investment programmes after careful consideration of their unique needs and goals.

Here, we share 3 examples that reinforce the undeniable life-changing benefits that citizenship-by-investment brings.

Example 1

Hussein is a Lebanese entrepreneur who successfully invested in the Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship-by-investment programme. As a father of 3 young children, he wanted a CBI programme that can cover his entire family, while making sure the total investment cost remains reasonable.

Our in-house Citizenship Expert advised Hussein to consider the Saint Kitts and Nevis CBI programme, which grants second citizenship to a family of up to 4 applicants for a minimum investment of USD 150,000. As they are a family of 5, including his spouse, Hussein has made an additional minimal contribution of USD 10,000.

Within only 4 months, Hussein and his family have secured their Saint Kitts and Nevis passports and can now travel visa-free to over 150 countries, including the Schengen states.

In addition, as an entrepreneur looking for opportunities to expand his business globally, Hussein is optimistic about exploring duty-free trading activities in the Caribbean region, as well as tax-free trade with Canada.


Tripoli, Lebanon

Example 2

Amir is a company executive from Iran who often needs to travel for business. However, he frequently experienced challenges and long procedures every time he applied for a travel visa.

Understanding his circumstances, one of our Citizenship Experts introduced Amir to the Dominica CBI programme, which only requires a minimum contribution of USD 100,000 for the main applicant.

Around 3 to 4 months from the start of his application, Amir has received his Dominican passport. Now, he can enjoy a hassle-free travel experience to more than 130 countries, which even include the Schengen states, the United Kingdom and a number of British Commonwealth member countries.

Furthermore, as a Dominican passport holder, Amir is now entitled to corporate tax incentives, exemption from import duties, export allowance and tax relief benefits, which can help advance his future business ventures.


Elaiheh, Iran

Example 3

Efe is a Nigerian businesswoman who, like with everyone else during the pandemic, had faced severe travel restrictions. Although she was able to manage her company digitally, Efe realised she needed better flexibility to travel and to have a back-up plan for any unforeseen circumstances in the future – and these reasons led her to investing in an Antigua and Barbuda second passport.

As she was looking to acquire a second citizenship fast, our team recommended the Antigua and Barbuda CBI programme to her, which can grant applicants with a second passport in only 4 to 6 months.

Aside from being one of the quickest options to get a second citizenship, Antigua and Barbuda does not require applicants to visit or reside in the country to complete the application process, a benefit that proved to be convenient and practical during a time when applicants could not travel freely.

With a minimum contribution of USD 100,000, Efe was able to start her application for an Antigua and Barbuda passport, while our team walked her through the process and managed all the requirements.

As an Antigua and Barbuda passport holder now, Efe can maximise visa-free travel to more than 140 countries. In addition, she is looking forward to expanding her business in the Caribbean, where she can get access to duty-free trading opportunities. She can also enjoy tax benefits such as 0% tax on foreign income, capital gains and estate.


Lagos, Nigeria

Are you looking to invest in a second passport to secure benefits such as visa-free travel, high quality of life in a safe and stable country, and better business and educational opportunities?

Our Citizenship Experts can guide you in choosing the most suitable and beneficial citizenship-by-investment programme for you.

Next Generation Equity is one of the leading, trusted and government-approved facilitators of second citizenship applications across Europe and the Caribbean. 

We specialise in delivering proven solutions, sound advice and practical support for clients from around the world, guiding them into investing in the right second citizenship or alternative residency.

To learn more about the suitable citizenship-by-investment programmes for you and your family, book a free consultation with our experts by filling out the form below.  


Rihab Saad

General Manager
Next Generation Equity

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