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April 14, 2021

3 Client Stories that Highlight the Essential Benefits of Second Citizenship

Second citizenship client stories
rihab saad


Rihab Saad

General Manager

Next Generation Equity

At Next Generation Equity, we enable individuals and families to invest in the most suitable citizenship-by-investment programme, which provides a way for them to overcome the restrictions of their current passports.

Over the years, we have seen many clients access new and better opportunities for themselves and their families – from traveling freely around the world and enjoying a higher quality of life, to obtaining tax benefits and having a Plan B.

Here are 3 clients who secured their second citizenship through Next Generation Equity and now enjoy the essential benefits of their second passports:

Client 1:

I was looking for second citizenship options so my children can go to a university in Europe in the future. My friend referred me to Next Generation Equity, who helped us find an excellent investment option and in just 4 months we got our second passports.


Beirut, Lebanon

Client 2:

I applied for second citizenship after my business partner referred me to Next Generation Equity. The application process was very smooth and the team were very efficient and patient. Our second passports opened up plenty of opportunities for us, and one of the best things is not having to apply for visas every time we travel!


Islamabad, Pakistan

Client 3:

After receiving our second passports we are now in the process of expanding our business and relocating our family. We are most excited about providing a great opportunity for our two children’s education. A big thank you to the NGE Team who helped us choose the right option and was always there to assist us. 


Baghdad - Iraq

Are you planning to obtain a second citizenship and access life-changing benefits?

Our Citizenship Experts can advise you on the most suitable citizenship-by-investment programmes and guide you throughout the process.

Next Generation Equity is one of the leading, trusted and government-approved facilitators of second citizenship applications across Europe and the Caribbean. 

We specialise in delivering proven solutions, sound advice and practical support for clients from around the world, guiding them into investing in the right second citizenship or alternative residency.

To learn more about the suitable citizenship-by-investment programmes for you and your family, book a free consultation with our experts by filling out the form below.  

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