Cypriot second citizenship: tailor-made for the elite

The investment path to secure Cypriot citizenship is very varied, as long as you invest at least EUR 2m in total, plus nominal professional fees. True, this isn’t a route for those on a budget but the programme is tailored towards wealthy individuals for whom speed is a key factor. Because Cyprus lets you get ahead, fast. So let’s look more closely at the returns you can expect from your investment.

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Top European citizenship-by-investment programmes

If you’re thinking of investing in second citizenship, why not consider Europe? The Caribbean programmes might be the grandfathers of second citizenship but Europe is home to 15 of the 20 most desirable passports according to the 2017 Nomad Passport Index. This was based on the criteria of visa-free travel, taxation, global perception, ability to hold dual citizenship, and overall freedom. Great news for Europeans. Not so great for the 90% of world citizens who are non-European. But you don’t have to settle. And here’s why.

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Malta: Residency and a fresh route to European living and working

February 15th, 2017

Malta is a small European island country in the Mediterranean. It is a popular destination for the security, culture and lifestyle it offers, along with its thriving real estate market. All of which are, not surprisingly, of key interest to the investor looking for a way into Europe and the rest of the world. There are three options when it comes to residency and citizenship in Malta: The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP); the Global Residence Programme (GRP); and the Individual Investor Programme (IIP). Let’s now take a closer look at the benefits of Malta second citizenship.

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There are some very good reasons to consider Portuguese second citizenship

December 15th, 2016

Otherwise known as a ‘golden visa’, Portugal's  residence-by-investment programme has been popular globally since its inception in 2012 for the myriad benefits it offers. Your investment in this programme entitles you to instant residency status which allows you to live and work in Portugal while immediately unlocking access to the wider Schengen area. After six years of residency you can then apply for citizenship, allowing you to work and live freely across the entire EU, as well as enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to over 170 countries.

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Cypriot second citizenship by investment: A very fast way into Europe

November 20th, 2016

Cyprus currently offers one of the fastest second citizenship programmes in Europe. In just six months you could potentially gain full EU citizenship and a Cypriot passport which entitles you to the same rights as a natural-born citizen. One of the most fundamental of these rights is the ability to travel visa-free or visa-on-arrival to around 80% of countries globally. You're also entitled to live and work in any of the 28 EU countries, leveraging a powerful and prosperous trade bloc. With those advantages in mind, it's little wonder that second citizenship of Cyprus is such a popular choice.

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Why European second citizenship opens up the world

September 22nd, 2016

For some entrepreneurs in the region, the ability to conduct business in lucrative foreign markets can feel restricted, obstructed or even simply ‘off limits’. No matter how great your business acumen, holding passports from certain countries can become an obstacle to the growth of your business.

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